28 April 2017

Denise Hunter, Artist

Hunter paints because she enjoys the creative process hugely and seems happiest in herself when painting. Letting the idea reveal itself - like a puzzle it seems to unfold, coming together in front of her with colour and form.
The simple things of seeing light filtering through the water on the shoreline, the clouds swirling against the mountain all create majestic qualities of Mother Nature that continue to inspire Hunter.
Passionate about colour, contrast, movement and light Hunters latest works reflect her love of vivacity found in people and places.
Hunter's latest series - Dance portraiture 'Steps, Style & Spirit' is a vivacious kaleidoscopic splash. Pools of light slipacross luscious forms, stretched to extremes by the intimate demands of Latin dance and demeanour.
Rioting shades are perfectly choreographed, contrasting the rigidity of dance with the subjects' vibrant desire to catapult off the canvas like a film flashing off its reel.
Two of this series' - 'Tango' and 'Rumba' are currently exhibiting at 'The Broadway Gallery' in New York this month.